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Main causes of common quality problems in PVC film
Aug 23, 2018

1. Wrinkles

(1) The spacing between small and long-term permanent parts is too low; (2) The edge of the upper surface of the plate is not chamfer, (3) the transverse longitudinal spacing of workpiece is not in a straight line, increasing the resistance of air flow, (4) Setting the temperature too high, (5) The time to set the pressure is too long.

2. Draw White

(1) The set temperature is too high, (2) The time of setting pressure is too long, (3) The line style is unsuitable.

Edge not Sticky:

(1) The quality of the glue is not good, (2) The activation temperature of the glue is too high, (3) The temperature of the equipment cannot reach the activation temperature required by the workpiece Edge; (4) The workpiece pad is not suitable, (5) PVC back adhesive performance is not good or no gum, (6) The gum has expired or the storage does not conform to the requirements, (7) leakage of plastic or spray glue method improper. In case of quality problems, the process or parameters should be adjusted and recorded according to the above reasons, avoid adjusting a number of process parameters or processes at the same time, otherwise it is difficult to identify the real cause of quality problems, and it is difficult to establish and adjust the process standards of production environment to provide objective basis.

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