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Requirements for the use of film-pressing adhesives
Aug 23, 2018

Membrane glue is two-component glue, the activation temperature is about 60 ℃. The temperature of the storage environment must be below the 5℃-30℃,5℃ to cause the flocculation knot. Plastic barrels should not be placed directly on the ground and should be placed on wooden shelves, especially in winter.

The shelf life of the film adhesive is not removed from the original packaging state, from the date of the factory for 6 months. Membrane pressure glue compounding ratio main agent: Curing Agent =20:1, the main agent and the curing agent mix, should make the main agent keep in the stirring state, the curing agent slowly joins and stirs for at least 3 minutes. The amount of glue to be prepared is guaranteed to run out within 4 hours. The plastic barrel should be covered strictly after the plastic.

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