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The performance of PVC film
Aug 23, 2018

What is the difference between PVC film and ordinary adhesive film? Ordinary paste film is at room temperature directly with glue affixed to the surface of the plate, so after a year or two, the foil will easily fall off.

And PVC film is the application of a dedicated vacuum film press at 110 degrees of high-temperature pressure attached to the surface of the plate, it is not easy to fall off. Although PVC film has excellent quality assurance, but some people may say, PVC is after all chemical products, it is not comparable to natural materials, can not eliminate toxicity and odor, but also avoid environmental damage. This is not the case, this is because the general production of PVC film raw material is a special extraction, toxic substances are completely refined out, so PVC is completely non-toxic tasteless, the human skin or respiratory system without any stimulation, for those who are allergic to wood and paint, The use of PVC film packaging furniture or kitchenware is very suitable. By using PVC film as decorative film, people can use a large number of MDF, particleboard, plywood and fibreboard, reduce the use of wood, so as to reduce the damage to forests and even the environment. From this angle, PVC film has made great contribution to the protection of ecological environment.

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