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Can The Bronzing Paper Still Be So Hot?
Aug 23, 2018

For just into the bronzing material this line of my feeling that the bronzing paper is a magical thing, on such a roll than the paper is thin material can let print, leather, electrical appliances are because of its accession and become dazzling, but for the bronzing paper technology I really do not know how to seriously learn more about this mysterious bronzing materials Ah! First of all, do not say bronzing Paper professional craft Bar! 

It's not a topic that I can talk about, just a funny thing I accidentally saw a few days ago, our company manager's son, a junior high school a child, he is doing the school arranges the manual work, a model camera, does he make the process which I went to see, saw he took a gold and rose Red bronzing paper small sample past, Said to give his camera bronzing, nothing about bronzing I went to see how he was hot, I saw him put the bronzing paper on cardboard camera panel and then use a lighter to bake hot stamping paper baked with a hand, bronzing paper on the top of the golden powder layer is firmly hot stamping on his cardboard camera model, wow, amazing! The original bronzing paper can be so hot stamping ah, really open eyes.

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