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Hot Stamping Foil
Aug 23, 2018

Hot Stamping Foil is a film that is used to make decorative films that are widely used in packaging.

And by giving a sense of prestige, luxury and elegance to print to enhance the visual appeal.

Depending on the customer's needs, bronzing foil colors can be various, such as blue, red or green, but Gold and silver majors.

It is widely used in paper, plastic, leather, fabric, glass or other materials.

Bronzing foil using pet as base foil, coated with peeling layer, coloring layer, aluminum layer and aluminum foil Adhesive layer. Polyester Carrier PET is the carrier of other coatings.

When applying

Heaters and/or pressure, release layers allow other layers to be released from the pet carrier to the surface The base material.

Paint or color coating has two functions: in the form of pigments or dyes to carry colors, and protect the aluminum layer on the substrate so that it is not oxidized.

Fourth Floor, The aluminum layer provides the reflective properties and opacity required for metal foil.

Bonding Layer Service Glue the foil to the pressed substrate.

This determines the printability of different substrates.

In other words, we choose a different adhesive coating based on the base material.

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