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Hot Stamping Graphics And Text Of The Dizzy, Hollow Problems
Aug 23, 2018

Hot stamping process, found that the graphics and text hollow, Dizzy fault, the main hot stamping temperature is too high, Anodized aluminum foil coking and other causes.

If the printing plate hot stamping temperature is too high, so that the anodized aluminum foil can withstand the limit, at this time hot stamping, anodized aluminum foil will be extended to the surrounding, resulting in dizzy, hollow phenomenon, it must be based on the characteristics of anodized aluminum foil, the temperature adjustment to the appropriate range. For anodized coking, mainly hot stamping process in a long time, so that a part of the electro-chemical aluminum foil in a long period of contact with the heat of the high-temperature printing plate, the phenomenon of heating coking, graphics and text hot stamping will be dizzy. Therefore, in the production process in case of downtime should be reduced temperature, or anodized aluminum foil, can also be in a higher temperature of the printing plate before putting a thick paper, so that anodized aluminum foil in the printing plate isolation.

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