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The Material Composition Of Hot Stamping Foil
Aug 23, 2018

Anodized hot stamping foil is generally composed of 5 layers of different materials: The 1th layer is the basal membrane.

The two-way tensile polyester film is usually made of pet, which is the intermediate medium of connecting and supporting in the anodized aluminum. The 2nd layer is the peeling layer.

The main ingredient is silicone resin, it will automatically melt off after heating, which is beneficial to the transfer of aluminized layer. The 3rd layer is the coloring layer.

Is the formation of non-ferrous anodized main body (silver anodized is not this layer), usually by heat-resistant transparent synthetic resin (such as maleic anhydride resin) and dyes, dissolved in organic solvents after the color directly coated in the peeling layer surface. The 4th layer is aluminized layer.

Is the aluminum metal in the high temperature, vacuum conditions gasification, evenly attached to the surface of the coloring layer, play a role in increasing the luster of the metal. The 5th layer is the hot melt adhesive layer. In anodized hot stamping, heated melting adhesion in the printer material surface, playing the role of making aluminum layer solid.

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